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Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

Looks like Spring is here...

March 10, 2018

This time last week, we were literally snowed in! At least 3 inches of snow fell on the Isle of Wight, then froze overnight, so it meant 48 hours of utter misery. The shops ran out of milk and bread, our dogs wouldn't wee in the snow, and ducks were pretty perplexed.



Thankfully, the 'Beast from the East' as the wind was humorously called shuffled off back to Siberia and the weather returned to it's normal south-westerly self. Why am I telling you this? Because now the feeling has returned to my fingers, work has resumed!


I've been a bit quiet of late, my work has been keeping me busy, trying to write two books at once. Who said I couldn't multi-task? Well, whoever it was, had a point. 


I'm currently writing 'Fidget's Guide to Yummy Food' which is a nonfiction sort of advice guide and recipe book for parents of picky eaters. Also, I'm working on my next fiction book, Dogstar, which has a cameo role of little Maisie, here. More to follow as it unfolds...



I'm also illustrating the front cover of Mandie Bedsitt's third book called Is Love Enough? Not to mention opening a library last week! My first ever ribbon cutting event. It was very exciting.


So tell me, did you have snow this winter, and how did you cope? 


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