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The Golden Stone good news!

August 6, 2018

As of Thursday 9th August 2018, Amazon are promoting my book The Golden Stone with a new front cover. It's FREEEEE to download for a couple of days, so if you're thinking you'd like a gander, do it now, because the deal doesn't last for long- and you know what will happen, kids need seeing to, dinner needs cooking, plants need watering and dogs need de-fuzzling (only in my house?) - then the promo is over.


Here's the link:





I agonised over the cover for a while, in fact I think I did around 5 finished versions before I was happy. I usually spend ages looking at great designs of books I love, and when I've got some inspiration for the shape of the cover, I get drawing, but the finalised Golden Stone cover just came right out of my head. No inspiration needed, and I was pretty pleased with the way it's turned out.


The story itself was inspired by earwigging on my younger son playing an imaginary game which he called The Golden Stone. Other than that, it bears no resemblance to his incomprehensible ramblings, and now that he's in his mid teens, I don't think he even remembers it. It just sounded like a great title to me, and I wondered what this 'stone' could be. Therein lies the beginning of the tale.


Twelve year old Alfie is baffled by the inexplicable appearance of a large golden stone in his fridge. Here's the thing that's really weird; no one else seems to notice it. Fate starts to unravel when a scruffy lad with an ability to appear and disappear tells him their island is about to be destroyed - and Alfie is the only one who can stop it from happening. 


Set on the Isle of Wight, no Red Squirrels were duffed up, but the odd biscuit may have been viciously consumed.


Do give it a go - read it, then lend it to someone between the ages of 7-107 and give me your verdict.