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The Owl Who Won't Eat Owl Food, Fussy Eaters Series




What can you give a baby owl to eat, if he doesn't like owl food?

Join Fidget and his exasperated mum as they try to get through another dinner time.


This book was inspired by a particularly trying parent/toddler feeding phase. A story for small people and their chefs.Ages 3+, 34 pages, full colour picture book.


Interview with the author:

Q. What's special about Fidget?

A. If you've ever had the experience of slaving over a hot stove, only to hear the words 'I don't like it', you'll appreciate this story. Baby owl Fidget is a fussy eater, who sends his patient mum all over the countryside looking for his favourite snacks. However, perhaps we all have our likes and dislikes (don't get me started on fennel!) so perhaps we should try and keep a sense of humour about these exasperating times. This book will defuse those vexations that we have about our children's nutrition and worry about them growing.


Q. Why should I give your books a try?

A. I have been an illustrator for nearly a zillion years (or so it feels!) and I LOVE drawing wildlife. I always 'see' a book before I write it, and you will know what I mean when you have a look at my books. I am also intensely interested in education - so I always slip a sneaky way to learn things into my stories. My customers and reviews tell me how much they love my books, how 'each page is a smorgasbord, a real treat for little readers' and 'I could not wait to turn the pages and see the antics, marvellous illustrations. This is a must read for all small people, and their grandparents.'


Q. Do you have other books?

A. Yes - loads, and all but The Golden Stone can be purchased as paperback books too.

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The Owl Who Won't Eat Owl Food, Fussy Eaters Series

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