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Online virtual author visit

Give your students the experience of a real live writer and illustrator! 

I would like to offer all schools the opportunity to have an AUTHOR VISIT; we can have a story, a chat about books, a short drawing tutorial or a mixture. If you'd like to some written work beforehand, a short story of a poem, I'd love to hear them.


Alternatively, if you are a teacher for upper primary, I could offer two sessions, one where we read one of my books and I set a challenge, the second where your pupils read out what they have come up with.

If you have a particular theme you would like to cover, let me know. I am keen to help in any way possible. 

I can set up a link to your preferred platform. I will be keeping the cost to a minimum, with the special offer of £40 for 30-45 minutes.

For details on what I offer, here are some examples:

Email me for further details HERE.

See video below for an example of my online author visits.

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