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'Hares in the Winter Moonlight' is from my book Flossie Bonce, a fairy who helps Father Christmas deliver his gifts on Christmas Eve. Flossie is a daft fairy though and chooses a rather unusual gift for the girls and boys! 


This is the endpage of my book, where the hares are sitting in Father Christmas' vegetable patch. It's a snowy Christmas Eve - just what we'd all like! Wouldn't it be magical to wake up and find a thick layer of crisp white snow on Christmas morning? It doesn't happen very often on the Isle of Wight, although I do remember it from my childhood in Surrey.


I used my Staedler waterproof pens to draw the hares and veg and then coloured it with watercolour and arranged the layers digitally. 


This lovely print will come to you on Matte Archive paper, brilliant for keeping it's colour and mounted in a card frame with a cellophane bag to keep it looking as special as when it left my studio.


Have a groovy day!

Hares in the Winter Moonlight

  • UK shipping is expected to be 3-5 working days. The rest of the world will vary according to location, but print will be posted within 24 hours.

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