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Pet portrait 4 pets


This listing is for 4 pets. Have your special someone immortalised in print! Send me a description and a photo of your pet and it's name and I will draw him or her. Hey Presto!! Magic.


Your pet can be any colour and have any name. There is one mount sizes, 8x10 inches. This lovely print will come to you on Matte Archive paper, brilliant for keeping it's colour and mounted in a card frame with a cellophane bag to keep it looking as special as when it left my studio.


There is space on each print for four animals, plus their names and a background setting that is appropriate for your pet - so if you have a horse who loves tea and biscuits, tell me and I will include it into the picture. If you want a second print of another pet, let me know and I will do you a custom order so that I can customise your postage costs.


If you would like me to put a picture with five pets in your picture, please CLICK HERE.


Have a fabulous and magical day :)

Pet Portrait 4 pets

  • UK Delivery will be within 14 days from ordering, (usually much quicker) or if you need very quickly, please send me a message and I'll try my best to help. International shipping may vary according to location.

  • Please email me your photos for the portrait and include any relevant information. I need in-focus shots, at least one of the whole pet and I need the names or any relevant text you wish to be added. If your pet has a particular penchant for a toy or food, let me know and I'll add it to the picture.

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