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'Should we wake him?' says one little girl to the other, as the tide comes in.


This was inspired by an experience I had on a shallow beach in Cornwall, when the tide suddenly came in and almost washed all my belongings away, whilst I was splashing about in the water, none the wiser.


I used my Staedler pencil to draw outlines and then coloured it digitally.


This lovely print will come to you on Matte Archive paper, brilliant for keeping it's colour and mounted in a card frame with a cellophane bag to keep it looking as special as when it left my studio.


The print comes as a 10x8" illustration, but others are available subject to p&p costs. It makes a great gift for a sea lover. If you have any other ideas that you'd love a customised print of, please send me a message. Have a magical day x

Should we wake him? funny print

  • UK shipping is expected to be 3-5 working days. The rest of the world will vary according to location, but print will be posted within 24 hours.

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