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Set on the Isle of Wight, twelve year old Alfie is baffled by the inexplicable appearance of a large golden stone in his fridge. The thing that's really weird is no one else seems to notice it. Fate starts to unravel when a scruffy lad with an ability to appear and disappear tells him their island is about to be destroyed by building a massive all weather holiday complex - and Alfie is the only one who can stop it from happening.


This story is printable as a Word document, not a published book. This is reflected in the price. You can either use it like an ebook, or print it off and read it at your leisure.  I hope to be publishing this as a physcial book later in the year, or you can also purchase it on Amazon for Kindle.


For ages 7+


The Golden Stone - children's story age 7+

  • Word Document. If you have any problems downloading, please send me a message on

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