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The Golden Stone - children's story age 7+


Twelve year old Alfie is baffled by the inexplicable appearance of a large golden stone in his fridge. Here's the thing that's really weird; no one else seems to notice it. Fate starts to unravel when a scruffy lad with an ability to appear and disappear tells him their island is about to be destroyed - and Alfie is the only one who can stop it from happening.


Suggested age 7+ Book number nine from UK children's author Jules Marriner.


What do people say about Jules' books? Great little story & the illustrations are brilliant.' An enjoyable bedtime story. Highly recommended.' '...each page is a smorgasbord, a real treat for little readers.'


Ask the Author...

Q. What makes The Golden Stone special?

A. The Isle of Wight is a really special place, with plenty of spooky places to explore and thousands of years of history. I wanted to write a much longer story for children who like to get their teeth into a good book, and explore the character of an unlikely hero, who thinks he's nothing special. This story is set on the Isle of Wight, but Black Wolf Manor and Orville Dreggs are very much part of my imagination. As far as I know, the Isle of Wight isn't going to be turned into a holiday isle for the rich and famous. However, you never know what might happen in the future...


Q. Why should I give your books a try?

A. I have been writing stories for nearly a zillion years (or so it feels!) and I love exploring things that are a little irreverent (in the most child friendly way). I always 'see' a book before I write it, and you will know what I mean when you have a look at my stories. I am also intensely interested in education, and think that our next generations need to be more aware of the environment than even we were at school.


Q. Do you have other books?

A. Yes - loads, and they can be purchased as paperback books too. Vincent and the Vampires Royal Fleas Wally and Bert, Bffs The House on Hare Hill Flossie Bonce Nature Calls Fidget Dogstar (out October 2018)

The Golden Stone - children's story age 7+

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