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Wally and Bert, BFFs


Best friends come in all shapes and sizes. 

Wally and his BFF Bert step in and help their housemate when she is too ill to work.

Find out what happens when they spend the day with Mr Wong and why turkey beak curry can be irksome!


A reading book with pictures for ages 6+. Let me know if you'd like it signed.


The book is 197x 130mm and will be sent to you in a hard backed A4 envelope. It is a paperback with 54 full colour pages and my UK printer does a fantastic job of making my books look amazing as well as using paper from sustainable forests. Win-win!

Wally and Bert, BFFs

  • UK delivery is expected to be 3-5 working days. The rest of the world will vary according to location, but it will be posted within 24 hours.

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